December Highlights

As you might imagine, recruitment tends to slow down a little from the middle of December as everyone starts to think about spending quality time with family over Christmas and, perhaps more importantly, the Christmas party. Exchange Street tradition dictates that on the last Thursday before Christmas we all meet up at 12pm at The […]

November Highlights

Exchange Street Towers was furnished with a fancy new boiler in November on the promise of a cosy winter and cheaper energy bills. Since then it has broken down at least 5 times and sounds like ‘Clanger Harris’s Big Band Bonanza’ every time the heating kicks in. At least our consultants continue to work efficiently […]

October Highlights

With lots of new assignments coming in during October, Robbie and Andy we’re in London to meet with clients when disaster struck the rail network (dun dun duunnnn!) and all trains back to Manchester where cancelled. After trying desperately* to find a way home in time to help their wives put the kids to bed, […]

How to write a business plan

Whilst writing a business plan for the first time sounds extremely daunting there are in fact a number of common sense concepts to focus on that will make it much easier to complete. It is a very good habit to have an ongoing business plan in place. It ensures that you retain a focus to […]

Returning to work needn’t be scary

What’s it like for mums who want to return a work after a prolonged period out of it? We recently hired Jackie who had had a ten-year hiatus from employment. We asked her about her experiences, what she has learnt and what advice she would give to others.   What made you decide to return […]

September Highlights

Exchange Street Towers was a hive of activity in September with a swarm of new jobs coming in across Financial Services, Claims and General Insurance. It’s well worth taking a look at the job search facility on our website as our workers keep these updated with new roles and take the sting out of job […]

August Highlights

The kids have gone back to school and autumn is coming so the roads are back to being horrendous and it will probably rain until next April. With all that we’re still decidedly chipper at Exchange Street Towers because when everyone comes back from holiday it means recruitment goes back to normal. “We would love […]

CV upload is back working :)

Sorry for any inconvenience, but the site is fully functional once more. Thank you for your patience. Exchange Street

July Highlights

July Highlights Despite largely remaining nice and cool at Exchange Street Towers, the warm July weather took us back to 15 years ago when we worked from a tiny serviced office on Princess Street. It was too noisy to keep the windows open so we taped a bag of frozen peas to a fan in […]

Why contingency recruitment might not make sense for your business

The benefits of working on an exclusive basis with a recruitment partner  When you buy a house you instruct a solicitor to carry out searches for you. Imagine though if instead of that you emailed twenty solicitor firms saying “I need my searches doing. The first one to get back to me with them will […]