No-Fee Introductions for Entry Level Advisers

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Financial Planning is facing a skills shortage

Whether it was changes to the distribution models of life companies, a contraction in the bancassurance market or the pressures of RDR, the erosion of traditional entry points to the profession has left us with an aging workforce and a lack of new blood.

Things are getting better. As an example, many of the of larger financial planning firms are growing their academy structures although, in many cases, when advisers graduate it can still be sink or swim,as many of them adopt self-employed models.

It’s not enough.

Candidates are struggling for opportunities

As an established financial planning recruiter and part of the LinkedIn Financial Advisor Mentoring group (with links to the NextGen Planners community) we regularly speak to aspiring Financial Planners who are desperate for an opportunity to join the profession.

Unfortunately, while most businesses recognise the value of our service and are happy to pay a fee for recruiting experienced staff, they often don’t want a recruitment cost when it comes to trainees. 

What can Exchange Street do to help?

If you register your interest in entry level candidates (those with no relevant work experience) we will be happy to pass on CVs and contact details of any potential applicants.

For free. Pro bono. Gratis.

These applicants will not have undergone the extensive pre-screening process that come with Exchange Street’s standard recruitment service and we will not manage the ongoing process post introduction.

We are simply hoping to introduce future Financial Planning professionals to forward thinking practices who are open to investing in talent.

The rest is up to you.

Why are we doing this? If providing this service helps support the future of the profession, we’re happy to do our bit.


“Sign me up!” - Employers

If you are interested in receiving details of entry level candidates please give us a call on 0161 973 6900. We will take a few basic details and arrange to pass on any relevant candidate information.

“Sign me up!” – Candidates

If you are looking to start a career in Financial Planning and would like us to introduce you to businesses who will help you develop, please send your CV to us at along with a brief covering letter acknowledging that you are happy for us to share your details with prospective employers.