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Navigating the complexities of loss adjusting requires a deft hand and an expert eye. At Exchange Street, we understand the pivotal role loss adjusters play within the insurance industry. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to listing the most sought-after loss adjuster jobs, connecting skilled professionals with leading firms across the UK.

Specialising in this niche, our job listings are carefully curated to ensure they meet the stringent demands of the sector. For those looking to advance their careers in loss adjusting, we provide access to positions that offer not just a job, but a rewarding professional journey. By leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we've become a go-to resource for loss adjuster job opportunities.

Why choose us?

Our consultants boast over 70 years combined experience working within the industry itself. We are qualified Chartered Surveyors, Loss Adjuster and Claims specialists. And that is before considering the decades worth of recruitment experience we have. When it comes to industry knowledge, we know our stuff.

We work with the most prominent global and niche organisations in the world. And we have strong relationships with the key decision makers of each business.

Our clients include both UK Loss Adjusters and International Loss Adjusters. But also Insurers, Brokers, Solicitors and Supply Chain Providers.

We work in UK locations such as Manchester, Leeds and London but are a UK company with a global reach.

Call us on 0161 9736900 and Find out how our specialist recruiters can help you.