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The insurance claims sector is dynamic and challenging, where every role plays a critical part in delivering exceptional service. Exchange Street recognises the importance of finding the right people for insurance claims jobs who are not only skilled but also share your company's ethos.

We're committed to facilitating the recruitment process by showcasing a range of insurance claims jobs that cater to a variety of specialisms within the industry. From entry-level positions to senior roles, our listings are comprehensive and up to date. Aspiring claims professionals and seasoned experts alike will find opportunities that align with their career goals and expertise.

Why choose us?

Our consultants boast over 70 years combined experience working within the industry itself. We are qualified Chartered Surveyors, Loss Adjusters and Claims specialists. And that is before considering the decades worth of recruitment experience we have. When it comes to industry knowledge, we know our stuff.

We work with the most prominent global and niche organisations in the world. And we have strong relationships with the key decision makers of each business.

As an insurance claims handler, you`ll be involved in handling a claim from the start through to settlement, making choices on the quantity and validity of a claim, and checking for any potential fraudulent activity. You'll coordinate offerings that can be required by policyholders following an accident or incident. This can consist of organising authorised tradespeople to make homes secure once more or ordering substitute items if a policyholder has been burgled.