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Senior Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

Greater Manchester
To £75,000 + generous bonus scheme + guaranteed bonus
Financial Services
Financial Planner
Someone like you has choices. You're a self-reliant senior planner who would be a success anywhere. 

But when it comes down to deciding which firm to choose, it isn't always an easy decision. Everyone talks a good game, but how do you know they deliver? 

This is a firm with great retention on their planning team. In fact I placed two people with them 17 years ago and both are still there. They've also not needed to recruit externally for many years, instead filling positions from within.

That speaks to a couple of things. One, it's a firm that nurtures and develops its staff. Great retention is indeed a great thing. 

Two, this isn't a business that's going to get caught out by succession planning. They've already coped with the loss of one senior planner and have a plan in place for another.

This plan extends to future leadership. A couple of planners are on a pathway to directorship as they plan for the retirements of directors. This means that whilst things change the ethos stays the same and there won't be any nasty surprises about a business sale.

It also represents an opportunity for you. If you're looking for a place of work where you're more than "just" a planner then this could be one for you. They're open to moving another planner through to directorship meaning you'll have an increased say in strategy. That ability to influence the direction of your firm is one that's hard to find but so fulfilling when you do.

There's great support - PA, admin and paraplanning. There's also a great bonus structure with a less than 2 x validation plus the option of a guaranteed bonus on top of a £60,000 - £75,000 base salary. It's worth noting that you get 100% credit on ongoing.

You'll also be independent. You won't be joining a business where you're expected to place your assets on their platform. You'll have the freedom to choose. Good for you, great for your clients. 


You'll need to have a very strong track record when it comes to business production. You'll be a senior IFA and be close to if not already Chartered.

And you'll be a "hunter". This isn't a position where you'll be given that many clients/leads so you'll be able to build your own client portfolio. Those with introducers and loyal clients are going to be the right fit, those without won't.

So time for honesty - if you're not reasonably self-sufficient this isn't one to apply for.
But if you are and want a grown up, management light environment then get in touch. There's great support, prospects for growth in seniority and a generous bonus scheme.

Apply or if you don't have an up to date CV don't worry, we can come to that later. Just send us a way of contacting you and we'll take it from there.