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Independent Financial Adviser

Potential £50,000 - £150,000 OTE
Financial Services
Financial Planner
This advert isn't to convince you to go self-employed.

You've taken that decision. It's either in you or it isn't. And right now, it's all you can focus on.

But if you thought finding an employed job was tough, navigating the self-employed world can be a nightmare. Who do you trust? Are their hidden costs? Are you missing something? It's a world littered with broken promises, stalled careers and your neck on the line.

That won't be your career here.

The financial planner retention rates at this firm are absurdly high (less than 3% have left).


It's not just their generous 80/20 split. It's not just the fact that the firm's fees are capped at £30,000. It's not even that there is funding on offer in the first 12 months whilst you ease into the business.

It's because there's proper support. Leaving the employed world is daunting but unlike other businesses, you won't become isolated. You'll have managerial support. A player/manager who can support, guide and help you. They'll even help you get cases through in 48 hours - again unheard of.

And you'll be part of a team with regular get togethers and peer to peer support. You'll have your own business but the help of like-minded individuals.
It's an open business too. Want to speak to any of their current ARs? Not a problem. They even took the unusual step of inviting auditors in to check their advice processes were as robust as possible. Guess what? They aced it.

And you'll have protection. Going self-employed is a huge move but they'll be by your side throughout the process. They want the best for your clients and for you. They won't encourage anyone to do anything that puts them or anyone else at risk, it's not who they are.

Add in the ability to buy/sell clients and it's clear why this is the best exclusive adviser network out there.

Unlike other firms there are parameters.

You will have £20m+ AUM to transfer across in the first 2-3 years. You will abide by restrictive covenants but you must a) be confident of this and b) have a plan/evidence to support that confidence.

You'll be level 4 qualified and have a preference for the DFM/MPS model. Your clients' assets will be held on DFM/MPS/platforms and you'll have limited exposure to DB advice.

You'll also see yourself as a modern financial planner.

There's always more to consider and discuss in your position. So don't worry if you don't have a CV - just send us a way of getting in touch. We will be in touch to discuss your situation and this opportunity in more detail.