About Exchange Street

We are an unassuming bunch at Exchange Street. But seeing as though this is our website we’d better tell you a bit about us.

Exchange Street is the name of the street at the heart of commercial Manchester. But we are not a local business. We are a specialist recruitment practice with clients across the globe.
You’ll hear a lot from other recruitment firms about being unique. The truth is none of us are unique. Exchange Street isn’t unique. We are a recruitment business that does the same as most. But it’s not what we do that makes us different. It’s how we do it. 
This might mean talking to you about vacancies. It might mean providing information about the market. It even sometimes means telling you to speak to your boss before deciding to leave. It’s your career. Your life. We are here to provide options and help you decide what to do. The decision is yours.
And we can help because we have something that few recruitment firms can. Life experience, longevity and career experience. Our consultants have worked within the industry they now recruit in. They have professional qualifications. They have worked for us on average for close to a decade.

So you’ll be in safe hands.