What to look for in a recruitment partner?

What to look for in a recruitment partner?

Choosing the right recruitment partner is an integral part of this process but eight years of financial services recruitment has taught me that not enough candidates are aware of the service they should be receiving.

Know where your CV is being sent – as a candidate you are supposed to be working in a partnership with your recruiter and you need to be aware of where your CV is being sent as otherwise you lose control of the process. It is only right and professional for any recruiter to tell you exactly which company they are working with; whilst there may be occasions where they need to be confidential, do expect to know what they have done with your details, as, for example, you do not want your CV landing with an ex-manager who you did not like!

Furthermore this scatter-gun approach results in your CV often landing twice on the same desk (which is not a positive image) and ultimately restricts the work that a quality, proactive recruiter can do on your behalf. If they cannot be certain that your CV has not been sent to their clients, they will choose to work another candidate instead. The best jobs are difficult to come by, so do not run the risk.

Communication – following on from this it is vital that recruiter and candidate have open lines of communication. Do not be offended if a recruiter wants to know details of a time when you have not done very well as they are often well placed to either defend this performance of place it into context. If a CV contains positive information for some years but no information for later years, companies will assume that performance has been poor.

Recruiters should keep you abreast to new roles, your suitability for them and feedback as to whether you have been selected for interview, as well as interview feedback, should the recruiter receive it of course!

Honesty – whilst it can sometimes be a difficult conversation a recruiter should manage a candidate’s expectations. It is not an easy market and a recruiter needs to express to you any issues that might preclude you for a role, or provide guidance as to what an individual needs to do to improve their chances. Whilst not always easy to hear it is a better approach than saying nothing and then disappearing from view.

The ability to listen – one of the most important traits of a successful recruiter is the ability to listen. An adviser is not just an adviser, they are an adviser with a personality, particular requirements and a different belief in how they should work. In order to find the best possible role, matching the perfect working culture is of huge significance and if a recruiter does not listen to you or ask you the right questions, there is a good chance that they will not find you the right position.

To speak with a recruiter that understands the importance of these skills please contact Andy Taylor, Robert Perry or Leanne Fairhurst at Exchange Street on 0161 973 6900 or recruit@www.exchange-street.co.uk.