Returning to work needn’t be scary

Returning to work needn’t be scary

What’s it like for mums who want to return a work after a prolonged period out of it?

We recently hired Jackie who had had a ten-year hiatus from employment. We asked her about her experiences, what she has learnt and what advice she would give to others.


What made you decide to return to work?

I was keen to return to get back to work after a career break and when I saw the advert for this job it was a perfect fit.


What was it like to be looking for a job?

I had applied for a small number of part time roles and received a response from one company who provided me with feedback when I asked for it.

I attended a “Mums Enterprise” Roadshow ( in June and was inspired to revamp my CV.  As a direct result of this I then began to search for the right job for me. The experience was both exciting and frustrating because I was extremely keen to find the right fit.


What have you enjoyed about work so far?

Everything to be honest! Mainly, I feel like I have a sense of purpose outside of being “Mum”.  The team I work with are fantastic and have really made me feel at home.  The home work life balance is perfect.


What have the challenges been?

It is slightly daunting returning to work, but the team have been really supportive through this.


What advice would you have for anyone who is thinking about returning to work?

Work on your CV – look online but go and talk to recruitment consultants face to face, not only to get feedback on your CV but also to make sure that they know what you are looking for.

Be confident and believe in yourself. Keep looking for the perfect “fit” for you. Make sure you feel confident that you are doing it for you. I had a career break for 10 years due to family circumstances and was worried that after applying for a few jobs with online recruiters that I would not be successful because I had such a big career break.


What would your message be to companies who might be reticent about taking people on who have not been in the workplace for a while?

I would encourage them to look beyond the career break and think of it as a positive from an experience perspective as candidates will often bring a wealth of employment and life experience with them.  In addition, the candidates will likely bring a huge amount of enthusiasm and commitment and will be incredibly loyal to the employer as they have put their faith in them.