If you tolerate this…

If you tolerate this…

Exchange Street Financial Services Director Andy Taylor gets all tuneful when he comes up against an agency sending out a redacted CV

If you tolerate this your children will be next by Manic Street Preachers has been whirring around my head all week. Which admittedly given the brilliance of the tune makes it one of the better Earworms (© Shaun Keaveny of BBC 6 Radio Music) around, but it has not popped in there randomly.

Last week I met a candidate and having spoken about a company in that meeting and gained approval for his CV to be sent via email, did so.

I then had an interesting exchange with the business.

They had received the CV from another recruitment company, but details such as the candidate’s name had been redacted.

Redacted?! Is that still a thing? It smacks of unprofessionalism (it would intimate that the candidate is unaware of where their details were being sent) and immediately led me to curse the behaviour of some recruiters and question how such a thing could happen, especially in a GDPR world. What a lazy approach; no wonder LinkedIn is full of rants about recruiters.

But then I gathered my thoughts. Because the company in question (a very good one at that; well established, ethical, successful) admitted they had engaged the recruitment company to set up an interview, even though they accepted it was poor recruitment practice.

No fear. I will vent my fury to the candidate. He will be furious that someone is sending his CV to 3rd parties without having the good grace to gain his approval. Won’t he?

Well actually he wasn’t. I am not sure precisely how to describe the sound of someone shrugging their shoulders over the telephone, but that is what they did.

And if you tolerate this… well you get the idea. Unless businesses refuse to accept poor practice and demand to know details such as the name of the candidate (which is probably quite a useful thing to know) before agreeing to engage with any agency, and candidates refuse to work with recruiters who do this kind of thing, then unprofessional, lazy, sloppy recruitment practice will continue. And it won’t just be recruiters who are to blame.