How to use technology in your job search

How to use technology in your job search

In this day and age, where technology is a fundamental element of our lives, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to showcase your skills and professional value online to further your career. LinkedIn is a powerful tool which allows you to connect and network with other professionals and attract top employers; making the most of your LinkedIn account can mean that your profile will stand out amongst thousands of others. Here are some great steps to create the perfect LinkedIn account:

1. Fill in the blanks
This may sound obvious but make sure you fill out as much as possible on your LinkedIn profile; this includes your education, your work experience so far, languages you can speak and any particular skills you have.

2. Be reachable
By including all the necessary information for someone to get in contact with you, you will avoid missing out on great opportunities; this includes your full name, email address and if you like, your phone number. This will allow potential employers to contact you directly.

3. Use a professional photo
Your photo is the first thing people will see so make sure it is professional and current.

4. Tailor it for you target audience
If you are searching for a job in a particular field, make sure your profile reflects these aspirations by including your career prospects in your summary and outline any relevant responsibilities in previous jobs.

5. Keep connecting
On basic LinkedIn accounts, you will only be able to see the profiles of 2nd line connections (i.e friends of friends) so the more people you connect with, the more accessible your profile will be.

6. Get endorsed
‘Endorsements’ are awarded to you by your connections and are a great way of advertising your skills on your profile, allowing others to easily see where your strengths lie.

7. Get posting
Post about work updates, news or anything that interests you; the more active you are with your connections, the more likely people are to notice you and contact you.

8. Ask for recommendations
Even short paragraphs written by colleagues in your ‘recommendations’ section can improve your credibility as a reliable professional and boost your profile to attract potential employers.

9. Add any extra experience
Whether it’s a training course, voluntary work or an individual project, people will always be interested to know what you have done and what interests you; and if you can, add links to the relevant work you have done.

10. Join groups
You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn so make the most of all of them; remember to focus primarily on those within your preferred area of work.

11. Follow influential people
Influencers on LinkedIn usually have active profiles, regularly posting articles and links to other sites. Following someone who is influential in your preferred line of business can highlight new and exciting developments within that field and keep you in the know.