Financial Advisers – Career Options Beyond Advising

Financial Advisers – Career Options Beyond Advising

Exchange Street Director, Robert Perry has been recruiting Financial Advisers in all areas of the UK for almost 20 years. Robert looks at the options for experienced advisers who are considering a move away from advice.


While most of the advisers who come to us looking for a career move wish to continue as advisers, we also speak to many who are keen to utilise their experience in a different area of the industry. Where once this was perhaps a more difficult transition, with many employers focusing on role specific rather than broad experience, the typical requirement of level 4 qualification gives current advisers an edge. Here we discuss just some of the options for those seeking change, along with which transferable skills they should focus on and what they can typically earn in an alternative capacity.

Compliance/Business Quality   

Probably the most common switch for advisers is across to compliance. Experience of advising makes it easier to build relationships and rapport with a firm’s consultants, understand any issues they may have from a sales perspective and offer solutions in a way that supports rather than obstructs the advice process. Most of our clients love to see CVs from ex advisers and the role itself often offers a welcome change for those seeking a new start.  ‘Business Quality’ or ‘File Checking’ is the typical entry level role, often office based with a 9 to 5 structure and paying salaries of around £35,000 plus benefits.

Niche Markets

When firms operate in more niche areas of the broader financial services market they often struggle to identify enough applicants with their specific skill set and as result are more open to considering advisers who are looking for a change. For example, Exchange Street works closely with the UK’s leading equity release broker who welcome applications from ex advisers in the knowledge that the sales processes are similar, the products are relatively straightforward and their comprehensive training and induction program helps advisers get up and running in just a few weeks.


Typically suited to sales managers or advisers who have some experience of mentoring and supporting additional consultants. While it is possible to conceive of advisers without this experience securing a role, it is certainly preferred and will be more of a factor in highly populated areas where competition for jobs is high. Training roles often cover large geographical areas and will often involve a good deal of travelling and overnight stays away from home. Salaries can vary greatly for training roles but ranges of £40,000 – £50,000 would be typical.

Business Development/Account Management

Where once the market was awash with broker consultants travelling to appointments with IFAs, many firms now employ large telephone based sales teams who can cover great numbers in a day. There are however a number of firms who value face to face relationship building experience and turn to financial advisers who can easily make the transition. These roles are typically bonus orientated with salaries of £35,000 – £40,000 and on target earnings of £70,000 – £80,000.


While some of our clients still prefer paraplanners who have developed their careers through IFA support, the requirement to be level 4 qualified often means ex advisers are a great option. It would be typical for advisers making this transition to have worked in an independent environment and have experience of conducting product research and producing their own suitability reports. Starting salaries for advisers without paraplanning experience will be in the region of £30,000 but can rise quickly, particularly for those with advanced qualifications.


As a specialist Financial Services recruitment consultancy, we welcome applications from both advisers who have a clear plan for their career and those who simply wish to discuss the options that may be available to them. All calls are treated in the utmost confidence and Exchange Street only approaches potential employers when our candidates instruct us to do so. For further information on how we may be able to help you please call our head office on 0161 973 6900.