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Paraplanner - Part Time Option Available

£35,-000 - £45,000
Financial Services
Do you like who you work with? Like, really like them? Or are they just OK? Bearable in small doses, but you don’t much look forward to the Christmas do.
That’s not something people at this business worry about.
It’s a great company. A perfect example of a trustworthy, ethical and community-based IFA firm. A supportive outfit who develop each member of staff to their potential. Who offer flexible hours, appreciating that 9-5 is not an option for everyone. Who can also consider someone who wants to work reduced hours. Who have chosen to base themselves outside of a city centre, making the commute quicker and parking easier.
Who appreciate the value of having good coffee (we’ve tasted it. It’s very good). Who make the work challenging yet the environment fun. Somewhere people want to be.
You’re a level 4 paraplanner. You’ll be in demand. And there are some brilliant firms out there. But few who we like as much as these. And when all said and done, working with people you like, rate and trust should be right up there when you’re making a decision.
You’re happy. You’re loyal. And the thought of CVs, recruiters and interviews is a bit of a turn off. But having a brief conversation with one of our consultants might be an eye opener.
Click apply. We will be in touch.

Leanne Fairhurst


0161 667 0427